An interview to Robert Rose focused on content marketing issues: changes, scenarios, experiences, marketing funnell concept, approaches are just some topics analized and described. And the future? Read Robert Rose‘s interview to start an interesting trip trough the content marketing land.

1) Robert Rose, a digital strategist, a storyteller, a writer, a speaker,….can you tell something of you?

Sure….  I’m the Chief Strategist for the Content Marketing Institute, and Senior Contributing Analyst for Digital Clarity Group an analyst firm looking a technologies for content and marketing.  I’m the author of the book Managing Content Marketing, which spent two weeks as a top ten marketing book on  I work with clients on their content marketing strategy, digital media and social Web plans. I’ve worked with large companies such as 3M, ADP, AT&T, KPMG, Staples, PTC and Petco tell their story more effectively through the Web.


2) Is Content marketing the new currency?

 I’m not sure that I would call it the new “currency” as much as I would say that it’s a classic approach, that is becoming much more important for marketing strategy.  It used to be that Content Marketing was something that businesses would do only with existing customers.  The classic example is the Airline magazines, which are a great example of content marketing.  But now, because of the internet, it’s easier than ever for businesses to create content, and build their own audiences.  So, content marketing can really be used to make the entire marketing process much much better.

3)  What do You mean with new” marketing funnel, You speak about in your  book “Managing Content Marketing”?

Over the last decade, Marketing departments have really been charged with only the very top part of the funnel.  Most marketing teams responsibilities end when they have made a customer aware of a product or service, and have turned that awareness into a lead.  But now, marketing has MUCH more responsibility.  We not only are responsible for making people aware of the product, we have to nurture them through their journey, and then once they become customers, we have to retain them, upsell them, and ultimately turn them into brand advocates.  In the book we call this “brand subscribers”. This is the NEW funnel for marketers.  We are responsible for engaging customers across their entire brand experience.


4) Content marketing is a must! Which is the best approach for a small business company?

My favorite way to start is to look at everything your doing – advertising, PR, email etc.. and see what might be made more efficient and/or more effective using content marketing.  Perhaps it’s getting the business owner, or product people to tell engaging stories about why they started this business.  Or, perhaps it’s figuring out a way that the business can truly make itself useful to customers.  For example, a restaurant here in Los Angeles prints a map on the back of its menu so that tourists can use it to find their way around all the sites near the beach.  That map gets shared with other tourists and the restaurant gets talked about.  That’s great content marketing.


5) Can You describe some brands that are approacching a good content marketing strategy?

Yes – and I’ll do one better, I’ll give you an Italian company.  Dolce&Gabbanna publish an online magazine called Swide.  It’s a WONDERFUL magazine that talks about the “luxury lifestyle” that the brand wants to show off.  It’s got all kinds of articles about great places to visit, and fashion, and even things like the Royal baby.  They are building a wonderful audience of subscribers who are really subscribing to the Dolce&Gabbanna brand – and they can promote things to that audience when they need to.  It’s a wonderful example.  

6) Technology, eCommerce, social media and Web 2.0 are Transforming Business virtually. Which scenario for the future?

The key success for marketing in the future is in the ability to change.  The speed at which new interfaces like mobile and social enter the market, and platforms and technology are changing is just amazing.  Our success is the ability to tell imaginative, useful and remarkable stories so that people want to do business with us.  That will be the only way we will break through the noise of all the advertising and content out there.  We have to be a bright light that everyone wants to circle around.  That requires the ability to be quick and flexible with our strategy.  We have to use data for insight into how to develop deeper relationships with customers.  And we have to use Stories to drive those relationships.