Social Media Customer Care and strategy. Although a relatively new form of customer care, using social media to interact with customers has really taken of over the last few years, providing benefits for both the consumer and the company alike.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have embraced being used as a customer service tool, and in response have produced tools and tricks to help companies deal with their customers in the most effective way possible. Many brands are not currently making use of these opportunities and are likely to fall behind their more forward-thinking competitors.

The experts at Website Builder  have gathered a collection of useful information about social media customer care, and how utilising these platforms can be beneficial for a company. Not only that, but you can take a look at some of the social media customer care success stories. Still not convinced? Then take a look at five of the biggest benefits of using social media for customer care today:

Cost Effective- More often than not, social media customer care is a lot cheaper to implement than various other forms of customer care. On social media, on average, it costs just $1 to solve a customer issue. This is nearly 1/6 of what a call centre interaction would cost. Social media customer care is also 63% cheaper than phone support, so in the long run could save a company a lot of money.

New Opportunities- Using different social media channels, companies are able to offer advice on purchasing decisions. This not only deepens the relationship that a company has with their current customers, but it also gives them the opportunity to impress potential new customers. In addition to replying to direct messages, brands should pay attention to other conversations that are taking place in their niche and offer advice when they can.

Boost Consumer Value- Results have shown that people who engage with a company through social media often spend more money with that company than they usually would. Using social media for customer support is a great way to stand apart from competitors and offer something a little bit extra. Why not take this opportunity to get ahead of your competitors while you still can?

Brand Endorsement- If people have a great experience when dealing with a company, then they are much more likely to then endorse the brand. This could either be through word of mouth to friends and family, or alternatively sharing posts directly onto their social media channel. Not only can social media offer customer care, but it also offers an opportunity to market your brand and spread the word about what your company can offer.

Social Listening Opportunities– Using social media for customer supports offers a new way for companies to gather an insight into what the consumer wants. By listening to what customers using social media are saying about you and your products, you can learn directly about opportunities that you may not have known about before.